The 8 Vector System Book (PDF)

Jordan Nieuwsma
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A Simplified Approach to Preparing for the Chaos of Sport

How can we possibly prepare the athlete for everything they will face in sport?

The 8 Vector System is a streamlined method for ensuring you are developing your athletes for what they will experience in their sport. The aim of this book is to share with you the ins and outs of this system. This book will give you an inside look into how we prepare our athletes for the chaos of sports. It is a compilation of the knowledge we have gained from experts combined with our own experimentations.

Th 8 Vector System is a mental model that allows you to organize the vast amounts of movement variations in sport. The 8 Vector System prepares athletes for sport by physically preparing their bodies tissues to efficiently decelerate, withstand, and transmit force in all directions. By preparing the athletes with this system you will limit their risk for injury and tissue failure. Along with improving their performance by increasing power outputs in all directions. Most importantly it gets results!

This book has direct application to all aspects of physical preparation while complimenting and improving your on-field sport skill. We will show you how to apply the 8 Vector System in the areas of:

  • Performance prep (Warm-up)

  • Speed

  • Change of Direction Speed

  • Agility 

  • Power

  • Strength 

  • Energy System Development (Aerobic Conditioning)

  • Injury Rehabilitation 

This user-friendly book was designed for the visual learner with dozens of visual diagrams, over 100 QR codes leading to 1,000s of video demonstrations. This book was written from experience for easy application to your program. It focuses on preparation for American football, but it is directly applicable to all sports. (i.e., basketball, soccer, rugby, lacrosse, tennis, baseball, hockey, etc.) 

Who is this book for? 

  • Sports performance coaches (Veteran & Up incoming coaches) 

  • Physical Therapists 

  • Athletic Trainers

  • Sport Coaches 

  • Athletes

  • Personal Trainers

If you work with athletes that sprint, jump and cut this book is for you!

Watch This: Free 8 Vector Presentiation Video Link

  • A Simplified Approach to Preparing for the Chaos of Sport

  • Size
    12.8 MB
  • Length
    229 pages
  • A Simplified Approach to Preparing for the Chaos of Sport
  • Size12.8 MB
  • Length229 pages


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The 8 Vector System Book (PDF)

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