Kelli's At Home Training Video Program

Jordan Nieuwsma
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It’s never a bad time to take interest in your physical health! Stuck at home? Have kids & minimal time? Don’t want to pay for a gym membership? Looking for guidance/programming?
I’ve designed a convenient, easy to follow at home exercise program!

My heart and soul behind this is to simply help people achieve their fitness goals. 

This 9 week training program includes 3 3-week phases. It includes 4 bodyweight workouts per week. Once purchased you will receive the workout cards that are hyperlinked with demonstration videos! To access the videos click on the blue Uncommon Peak Performance logo on each workout card. Also, a link to a mobility flow routine is attached and can be done every day.


If you have any questions at all please let me know. You can contact me at my email ( ) or text message Kelli (763-438-2201).

Enjoy the program!

  • Size
    300 KB
  • Length
    15 pages
  • Phases
  • Weeks Per Phase
  • Total Weeks
  • Days Per Week
  • Total Number of Wrokouts
  • Size300 KB
  • Length15 pages
  • Phases3
  • Weeks Per Phase3
  • Total Weeks9
  • Days Per Week4
  • Total Number of Wrokouts36
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Kelli's At Home Training Video Program

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